Drawing Date: JUNE 30TH, 2020.

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We the People.For the People.

A community created with one purpose: Sustaining the community. One patient at a time. One family member. One neighbor. One sister. One friend. One of us.

Zichron Shlome Refuah Fund is the anchor, the savior. The be-all-to-end-all for anyone who has tragically been affected with the deadliest of diseases. Cancer. And while it robs a family of its mother, a neighborhood of its upstanding member, and rips child from father, there is hope. A very small but strong beacon.

We the People.

Zichron Shlome, founded by Avraham Yakov & Raizy Zeigler in loving memory of their son, Shlome, has been the lifeline for our community since its inception. It began with a few women. Mothers and friends united for a purpose. To serve something greater and accomplish what nobody was able to. Advocate. Support. Replenish. Provide. SAVE. And all this, For the People.

When Innocent children watch mothers battling ā€“ ZSRF is there. Providing funds for sleepaway camps, tutors and family respites. When women are left with an unemployed and deteriorating husband ā€“ ZSRF is there. Paying for insurance premiums, rent, utilities, and vitamin therapy. When young girls are left grasping onto lifeā€™s sparse straws ā€“ ZSRF is there. Supplying wigs, airfare, transportation, and hotel rooms so family members can be close by.